Wave Runner

Grip It - Throw It - Catch It


The series of Wave Runner balls including Football, Mega Sport Edition, Two Tone, Galaxy, Grip and Giant are truly impressive with their incredible performance on the water.

Whether at the beach, at the pool or in a lake, you will have hours of fun with your children and friends. The colorful and attractive series of Wave Runner balls is waterproof and allows you to practice your sport by skipping, bouncing and jumping the balls on water! Easy to use, you only have to throw the balls on water as if you were skipping a rock. Vou will be amazed at what then can do!

The Grip-it series including Xtreme Football and Football Special Edition are also waterproof, but in addition, this series has been designed for use in or out of water. Therefore, you can have fun and practice your throws either at the beach, at the pool, at the park or in your favorite playgrounds! Made of durable quality materials combined with technology, this series offers a superior throw inspired by real footballs.

The incredible Shark Whistler Football balls represent the improved version of modern times. All the knowledge of aerodynamics and the characteristics of the real football are brought together. Lightweight, this ball made of durable high quality PU foam can launch up to 150 feet in the air with a whistling sound.

Unique of its kind, Wave Runner balls are world renowned and offer you a new way to play. Yours to discover!